£100 for a month of groceries – Week 1

We have quite a few things in the cupboards and freezer already which helps.

£39 shop from Asda – completely over budget of £25 but got in a few things we hopefully will keep for a while like gluten free flour (handy when coeliac!) and meat.

Went to Tesco, used my vouchers to get a big bag of gram flour, 1 bag of gluten free bread, 9 loo roll and 6 cat food tins (amusingly, gluten free). All for the fabulous price of £0.

I am aware that this will get harder as our store cupboard supplies decrease, and our vouchers run out.

Palm oil content – zero. Yay!

Meat – one pork (pig) shoulder, 2 bags of bacon, pack of bargain luncheon meat. Hideous on the sustainability and ethical front. Hopefully as we get better at this I can work out how to swap it to vegan choices. However the 3 year old will eat the pig pieces which is also a strong consideration.

Organic – none.


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