The levothyroxine seems to be making me more tired. I am shattered, back in bed after a fairly decent night of sleep.

I’m going to try taking it at night instead and see if it helps.


Gluten free, Day 1

So, lots of things suggesting that hypothyroid = gluten issues. So as my husband is gluten free anyway, I thought I’d go for it.

Splurged slightly on an Uncle Ben’s rice today as we haven’t shopped yet, but it seems ok so far! Tofu, rice, fresh coriander, sweetcorn, tomato, avocado and carrot, all with some sweet chilli sauce. Nom!!

Day 3

I have finished my last gluten loaf. I’m currently feeling pretty cheerful about it to be honest, but (already coeliac) husband has persuaded me to have one last blast on gluten things I might miss. There is now an apple puff in the fridge and black forest gateau in the freezer (although I am sure we can make a gluten free version of that!). I also have work birthday biscuits tomorrow (all planned before the thyroid diagnosis came through) so I am making Thursday (my birthday) my last official gluten day.

Levothyroxine is still seemingly going well – no ill effects that I have noticed. I am also starting now, post diagnosis, how tired I am! It’s actually a little reassuring that there’s a fixable reason for it…