Sucks when your friends don’t care

We operate in a social group which is really supportive. Bad things happen and crowdfunders get set up. I’ve seen it happen for weddings, house fires and broken cars.

But never for us.

Friends got married quickly cos one of their mum’s was dying. Crowdfunder. Us in same situation. No.


And today – someone had a car accident on the way home. Crowdfunder for new car! £1k and more raised in hours.

Us, due to sickness, we are in serious financial crisis, getting boxes from the food bank and I honestly don’t know what we’ll do next month. Crowdfunder?! No.

I know I have no right to expect anything, but it really does make you feel like shit 😦



Going on evening dates is just not happening. So let’s get a babysitter during the day! We could go out for a few hours together and I think our small human would be much happier with that plan too! Even I feel more comfortable with it! Yay! Once we are back out of financial total crisis, we are doing this!

Photo of my cat resenting the sun, to add colour to the post 🙂

Free entertainment 

Today we did not go to the town show, because it would just be a lot of stalls where money is required, and I don’t want our little girl to be disappointed 😦

We still had a lovely day though! Fun at the playground and fun repairing and painting the fence at the front of our house (this is fun when you are 3. Also apparently 38) 😉

£100 for a month of groceries – Week 1

We have quite a few things in the cupboards and freezer already which helps.

£39 shop from Asda – completely over budget of £25 but got in a few things we hopefully will keep for a while like gluten free flour (handy when coeliac!) and meat.

Went to Tesco, used my vouchers to get a big bag of gram flour, 1 bag of gluten free bread, 9 loo roll and 6 cat food tins (amusingly, gluten free). All for the fabulous price of £0.

I am aware that this will get harder as our store cupboard supplies decrease, and our vouchers run out.

Palm oil content – zero. Yay!

Meat – one pork (pig) shoulder, 2 bags of bacon, pack of bargain luncheon meat. Hideous on the sustainability and ethical front. Hopefully as we get better at this I can work out how to swap it to vegan choices. However the 3 year old will eat the pig pieces which is also a strong consideration.

Organic – none.